5 Reasons Every Cherry Publishing is Exactly What the Industry Needs

Sweet Cherry Publishing, Leicester’s award-winning independent publisher, recently launched Every Cherry, a revolutionary initiative dedicated to providing accessible and engaging reading material for the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) community. Every Cherry stands out for its commitment to inclusivity, utilising many innovative, forward-thinking devices across different ranges to remove as many barriers to reading as possible.

Here are five key elements that help to break down those barriers:

Simplified Text and Easy-to-Read Fonts:

Every Cherry prioritises readability by simplifying the text and using an easy-to-read, dyslexia-friendly font in all books. Ensuring that the joy of reading is accessible to everyone, regardless of their reading abilities, this feature is a hallmark of Every Cherry’s commitment to inclusivity.

Sensory Outputs on Each Cover:

Recognising the importance of sensory engagement, Every Cherry takes a unique approach by providing sensory outputs on each cover. These tactile elements enhance the overall reading experience, making it more interactive and enjoyable for individuals with diverse sensory needs.

Clear Illustrations on Every Page:

Visual storytelling is at the core of Every Cherry’s mission. Clear and vibrant illustrations accompany every page, enhancing comprehension and making the reading experience more immersive. This feature ensures that readers can easily follow and understand the narrative, fostering a love for storytelling.

The idea of visual storytelling is taken even further with Every Cherry’s Symbolised range, which utilises symbols – above the keywords – to allow those who find reading text difficult to gain easier access to the stories.

Matching Page Numbers Across Ranges:

Every Cherry’s two main ranges, Easier and Symbolised, have matching page numbers, allowing for a more comprehensive and integrated reading experience tailored to individual needs. This also allows teachers to move through the texts easily without worrying that students (with different abilities) will be at different parts of the story.

Complimentary Audiobooks and Signing Videos:

Every Cherry goes the extra mile by providing complimentary audiobooks for all titles, and the Symbolised range even comes with free signing videos. This addition ensures that individuals with varying learning styles can access the content through auditory and visual means, promoting a multi-sensory approach to reading and learning.

Sweet Cherry Publishing is proud to launch Every Cherry as a pioneering platform that embraces diversity, accessibility and engagement. With these five key features, Every Cherry aims to redefine the reading experience for the SEND community, making literature an inclusive and joyful endeavour for all.

Featured Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash.

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