5 minutes with The Successful Leaders’ Collective

1.Hi Rebecca, tell us about you? What do you do and where in London are you based?


Thank you for your time. Hello, I’m Rebecca Ann, a leadership expert dedicated to guiding professional women on their journey to career advancement and leadership excellence. My passion for this has been unwavering, stemming from my early career in law and extending to my government role. In addition to my mentorship programmes, I operate a consultancy specialising in assurance and governance services. This dual role allows me to stay intimately connected with the current professional landscape, offering my mentees real-world insights that set me apart from traditional career and leadership coaches.


I reside in Central London, not far from the city’s square mile.  When I’m not immersed in the world of leadership development, you can often find me savouring a negroni at rooftop bars or embarking on summertime adventures across Europe!


My greatest joy lies in adding value and fostering connections among individuals. To bring this passion to life, I founded the Successful Leaders’ Collective, a platform where leaders come together to learn, grow, and inspire one another.


2. What is the successful leaders’ collective and what is the aim of the collective?


The Successful Leaders’ Collective is an empowering community designed specifically for high-achieving women. Nestled amidst the vibrant landscape of professional growth and personal development, this collective serves as a unique haven where women from diverse backgrounds can network, socialise, and above all, flourish in their professional pursuits.


At its core, the Successful Leaders’ Collective embodies the values of support, learning, and connection. My experiences in various industries revealed a common trend: sectors often remained siloed, with networking and training primarily confined to one’s own field. I firmly believe that there is immense value in sharing lessons and successful strategies across industries.


My personal passion lies in helping individuals achieve their aspirations, whether by facilitating connections, fostering accountability, or providing deeper levels of support through my mentorship programme. It is this unwavering commitment to adding value that led to the inception of the Successful Leaders’ Collective.

3. What events will you be running in London? How will they help professional women in the city and how can they get involved?


Our next event is an evening hosted by Kate Spade New York, discussing the importance of women in leadership.  


We are presently in the process of assembling our event calendar for the upcoming year. Our agenda includes engaging panel discussions covering critical topics such as financial planning, investing, and mindset, all geared toward empowering women to bridge the wealth gap. Additionally, we’ll feature inspirational interviews with accomplished female leaders hailing from diverse sectors, encompassing media, government, finance, and education. Our roster of guest experts will also delve into subjects like confidence, nutrition, and overall health and well-being. These carefully curated events are designed to equip women in the city with the tools they need to thrive both professionally and personally.


If you’re eager to get involved, please visit our website at www.successfulleaderscollective.com. Here, women can explore our membership options, sign up for the waitlist to stay updated on upcoming events, and access valuable resources. Join us on this journey towards empowerment and excellence.


4. What is your five year goal for The Successful Leaders’ Collective? What do you have coming up in the future?


That’s an excellent question, and I appreciate the opportunity to share my vision. I’m someone who envisions the bigger picture as my starting point, working backward to devise implementation strategies. Looking ahead, the overarching five-year goal for the Successful Leaders’ Collective is to establish a presence in major cities across the UK and extend our reach beyond national borders. Our aspiration is to expand this empowering community internationally, creating a global network of empowered women.


Furthermore, we aim to foster more partnerships and collaborations with brands that share our core values, exemplified by the exciting upcoming event featuring Kate Spade New York. And after that we have some great panels with the next one on financial planning.  

5. How can people find out more?


You can find details about all our events on our website, www.successfulleaderscollective.com. To access additional content and valuable resources, simply follow us on social media. You can easily locate us by searching for “Successful Leaders’ Collective” on your preferred social media platform or by joining our LinkedIn group, “The Successful Leaders’ Collective.” We look forward to connecting with you and providing you with even more valuable insights and resources.

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