The Kati Roll Company – from Kolkata to London Liverpool street

The Kati Roll Company (TKRC) introduces the flavours of Kolkata, India, to London’s Liverpool Street, serving authentic kati rolls and other traditional treats in the perfect location for city workers, tourists, and foodies to grab a made-to-order delight. Following the success of its central London location in Soho, which opened in 2008, the US-born brand has officially opened its second site just a few minutes from the bustling Liverpool Street station, nestled between the Spitalfields Market area and Bishopsgate inner roads.

Credited with introducing Indian kati rolls to American diners, The Kati Roll Company is the brainchild of Payal Saha, who started the brand as an immigrant in New York, craving the flavours of home. With no restaurant knowledge, she impressively curated her vision and The Kati Roll Company is now a staple amongst Manhattan restaurants adding authentic Kolkata flavours from lunch to late nights.

Indian food lovers and Bollywood fans alike will find themselves transported to a little part of Kolkata, India with classic Bollywood film murals on the walls and a mouthwatering menu of authentic kati rolls. 

Kati rolls (“kati” literally meaning skewer), a popular street food found in Kolkata, are made of fully-halal skewer-grilled ingredients, stuffed in a buttery paratha flatbread, and topped with chutneys and spices.

Highlights of the simple yet flavoursome menu include: 

  • Unda Paneer Roll
    Flatbread layered in freshly beaten egg & Achari Paneer filling

  • Chicken Tikka Roll
    Chicken breast, marinated with yoghourt and spices, and grilled on a skewer

  • Unda Chicken Roll
    Flat-bread layered with freshly beaten egg with Chicken Tikka filling

  • Beef Tikka Roll
    Cubed beef round, marinated with yoghourt and spices, and grilled on a skewer

  • Shami Kabab Roll
    Minced lamb and lentil croquette, with aromatic herbs and spices

There are several vegetarian options too, including the popular Aloo Masala Roll – freshly made mashed potato patty with tomatoes, green peppers and authentic Kolkata Indian spices, and prices start from £3.95.

Signature classic Indian beverages available are Masala Chai and Alfonso Mango Lassi – made in-house from homemade yoghurt and the best mangoes, imported from India.

“We’re thrilled with our growing expansion and especially excited about launching our second TKRC branch in the heart of London. We’re dedicated to serving fast, fresh, authentic, tasty Indian Street food and we’re on a mission to give everyone the chance to taste a little bit of Kolkata, India – there’s something for everyone”, says Founder Payal Saha.

The Kati Roll Company welcomes seasoned food enthusiasts and curious newcomers alike to experience a plethora of flavour and culture, lovingly wrapped in every roll.

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