TBD Media Group Innovation and Disruption Leaders Campaign: A spotlight on the businesses innovating in the present day

It has long been the case that the business landscape is reshaped by those that bring an innovative approach to the table. The established order is there to be disrupted and to continue raising the bar marks a business out in a crowded marketplace.

TBD Media Group is proud to announce its Innovation and Disruption Leaders Campaign, as they seek to highlight those bringing a unique approach to business in the present day. The ability to meet and exceed the expectations of customers, employees and stakeholders demonstrates a dedication to excellence in a challenging global environment.

“We are extremely proud of this campaign, as it helps to highlight the incredible work being done in business when an organisation refuses to settle for second best,”said TBD Media Group CEO, Paolo Zanini.

“These businesses – as well as the individuals behind them, are clear examples of what can be achieved in a world that carries a multitude of challenges. They are stories sure to inspire and motivate.”

The Innovation and Disruption Leaders Campaign will showcase a series of in-depth interviews and profiles featuring prominent business leaders. The campaign will be a chance to look at the experiences of those interviewed, providing the audience with a unique insight into how genuinely innovative businesses are developed. The I&D campaign will explore how the future of business is being moulded by these individuals and their visionary plans.

Find out more about the Innovation & Disruption Leaders campaign, at https://www.cbsnews.com/video/playlist/innovators-disruptors/.

Featured Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash.

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