Setmixer Empowers Musicians and Venues Alike with Innovative Live Music Recording and Release Platform

Your Venue, Your Music, Your Stage – Setmixer Takes Live Performances to New Heights

Setmixer, a pioneering force in the world of live music recording and distribution, recently announced the release of four remarkable albums featuring live performances from some of the most iconic venues in London. This project, showcasing the hidden gems of Paper Dress Vintage, Sound Lounge, The Amersham Arms and Jamboree, is set to redefine the way we experience and appreciate live music, with the albums representing a ground-breaking collaboration between Setmixer, the artists, and venues.

In an age where live music is cherished, Setmixer is a game-changer. It not only captures the live performance essence but also streamlines the recording and release process, redefining the game for musicians and venues alike. What makes Setmixer exceptional isn’t just its state-of-the-art tech; it’s a commitment to empowering musicians and venues like never before. Highlights include:

1. Unveiling Unheard Gems: Musicians Uncover Hidden Treasures

For these musicians, it was a dream come true—they had no idea Setmixer was recording their electrifying live shows. Now, these hidden gems are being unleashed for the world to hear, each track pulsating with their live energy, showcasing their passion and talent on all major streaming platforms. This unexpected turn of events means that 40 artists from four unique venues now have tracks out on major streaming platforms.

2. Quick, Affordable, and Effortless: Setmixer’s Mission

Setmixer’s mission is crystal clear: to revolutionize live music recording and distribution. Its cutting-edge devices effortlessly integrate with live mixing desks, autonomously capturing multichannel audio.  A spectacular master mix is then created by removing silent audio channels. With Setmixer’s technology and expertise, artists can effortlessly share their performances with the world, sidestepping the hassles of recording and distribution complexities. By democratizing the music industry, artists can focus on what they do best – making music. It’s as easy as plug in, play your heart out, and share.

3. Supporting the Live Music Ecosystem: Venues Reap the Benefits

Setmixer recognizes that live music venues are the lifeblood of the music industry. That’s why the company is dedicated to making a difference. With every live music release through its platform, the recording venue gets a generous 9% share of total streaming profits and 30% of multichannel sales profits. This not only empowers venues to flourish but also fuels the ongoing expansion of the live music ecosystem.

4. Amplifying Artist and Venue Success: Building Fan Bases Together

Every song that Setmixer releases is a collaboration that benefits both the artist and the venue. By showcasing live performances on digital music platforms,  artists are able to gain recognition and build their fan base. Simultaneously, venues receive the recognition they deserve, drawing more patrons to their stages. It’s a win-win scenario that fortifies the bonds between musicians and the venues that support them.

Setmixer’s CEO, Pascal De Mul, shared his enthusiasm for this milestone project, saying, “At Setmixer, we believe that music should be accessible, for both the artists and the fans. With this initiative, we are not just recording music; we are recording history. We are revolutionizing live music recording and distribution, ensuring that the magic of live performances reaches audiences worldwide.”

Stay tuned for the release of these four incredible albums, each capturing the unique spirit of its venue. Follow Setmixer on @setmixer for updates and be part of a musical journey like no other.

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