Scent secrets REVEALED: Experts uncover how to enhance your love life this Valentine’s Day

How the right home fragrance could lock in love  

·                Plus, the three scents you should ALWAYS avoid on February 14th  

Wearing or burning jasmine, ginger and bergamot fragrances could be the secrets to a romance-filled Valentine’s, while experts reveal that pine and tobacco could leave you unlucky in love. 

Studies have found that aromas influence how a person perceives potential partners and play a vital role in attraction. Now, fragrance experts at Ava May Aromas are detailing the four best scents to wear or fill your home with this Valentine’s to attract love – plus the three scents to stay clear of.  

1. Bergamot: Best for stimulating sex drive 

Bergamot is scientifically proven to improve amino acids in the brain. These amino acids can trigger heightened hormones which improve libido – perfect for a steamy night in! Bergamot essential oil or perfumes can enhance feelings of positivity and reduce fatigue, helping you plan a joyous, love-filled Valentine’s evening. 

2. Jasmine: Best for promoting sensuality  

Jasmine is considered a natural aphrodisiac. In Hinduism, it’s known as the ‘perfume of love’, while jasmine essential oil is called Queen of the Night due to its libido-improving nature. A few drops of jasmine oil are perfect for a sensual, mood-setting atmosphere on Valentine’s.  

3. Vanilla: Best for a cosy night in 

One study found the scent of vanilla can improve arousal in men by 9% – but vanilla is an attractive smell for women, too, due to the sensual mood it creates. Alongside improving arousal, vanilla is a comforting smell that, when present in perfumes or home fragrances, improves overall intimacy between partners.  

4. Sandalwood: Best for mood and libido boosting 

As a natural aphrodisiac, sandalwood essential oil can increase not only mood, but libido, too! Sandalwood improves attentiveness, providing stress relief and increasing desire for sex. Try wearing a fragrance with sandalwood notes, or burning sandalwood essential oil, on Valentine’s Day. 

The three scents to AVOID on Valentine’s 

  1. Strong tobacco or smoky scents 

Heavy tobacco or smoky scents are divisive. While some people love them, especially combined with pepper and cinnamon notes in aftershave, others can associate the smell with negative health connotations. If you’re planning a romantic Valentine’s, avoiding overly smoky scents is best.   

2. Pine 

The scent of pine is associated with cleanliness and the outdoors rather than romance. It’s a fresh aroma that, while pleasant, may interfere if you’re trying to create an intimate, romantic ambience indoors.  

3. Artificial fruit scents  

The key to a romantic atmosphere is creating a natural reaction. Wearing or burning strong, artificial fruit scents such as strawberry can feel fake, giving the opposite effect. For a romantic vibe, avoid anything overly synthetic and stick with subtle, well-balanced fragrances.  

Hannah Chapman, founder of Ava May Aromas, comments:  

“While what is attractive can differ from person to person, classic scents like bergamot, vanilla, jasmine and sandalwood all have proven qualities that can help those looking for love this Valentine’s. If you want to create a boudoir of love at home, burn the Ava Mayfair Bergamot, Coconut & Tonka wax melts, or try the Love Potion wax melt, with jasmine notes, to encourage a seductive and alluring ambience.” 

To find the best fragrances for your Valentine’s night in, visit Ava May Aromas website.   

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