Save Luna! A Call to Preserve the Heartbeat of East London’s Live Music Scene

In a heartfelt plea to the community, Luna, the iconic grassroots music venue in Leytonstone, is launching the “Save Luna” fundraiser campaign to secure its future. Luna has been the cultural heartbeat of East London since 2004, hosting over 400 grassroots gigs annually and providing a crucial platform for emerging artists. The venue’s significance extends beyond music, fostering connections and creating a vibrant community space.

Luna’s Legacy

Founded by Suja in 2004, Luna quickly became the most active grassroots music venue in the UK, earning Timeout awards in 2015, 2016, and 2018. Suja’s unexpected passing during the Pandemic three years ago left Luna at risk of closure, but the dedicated team fought to keep the doors open. Now, Luna faces new challenges post-pandemic, with rising costs, rent arrears, and outdated infrastructure threatening its existence.

The Urgent Need

Luna urgently needs £75,000 to address immediate debts, conduct essential maintenance and building work, and transition to a Community Interest Company (CIC) to ensure long-term sustainability. The funds will be used to modernize the venue, improve soundproofing, enhance energy efficiency, and become a thriving community hub during the day. Video covering the campaign:

Community Impact

Contributions to the “Save Luna” campaign will not only preserve this cultural landmark but also support the community. Luna’s transformation into a CIC will enable it to officially give back to the community through music and learning programs. The venue will continue to be a haven for artists, offering a space for growth, performance, and community building.

How You Can Help

Your support is crucial in breathing new life into Luna and ensuring its survival. Contributions will address outdated infrastructure, make Luna a CIC, foster a community oasis, enhance soundproofing, improve energy efficiency, settle outstanding debts, and promote local and international artists.

All-or-Nothing Campaign

The “Save Luna” campaign is an all-or-nothing effort. If the target of £75,000 is not reached, Luna’s future is uncertain, and all donations will be returned. Luna is not giving up, but success depends on the generosity of the community. Declan Walsh, Owner of Luna states:

There is no place like Luna, it’s more than just a music venue. Music is of course at it’s core but Luna is a community. We, like many venues in our sector, are at a critical point, and to save Luna we need to turn to our Community for help – to preserve this amazing space.

Join the Cause To support Luna’s future, please visit the fundraising campaign at  and share the message across social media using the hashtag #SaveLuna. Every contribution counts in preserving the heartbeat of East London’s live music scene.

Featured Photo by Samuel Regan-Asante on Unsplash.

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