Planet Computers forms AI partnership with HyperAppliance and opens up $1 billion hardware manufacturing opportunity in Decentralised AI

– Deal worth up to $1 billion
– AI partnership aims to fuel rapid growth of the internet of AI
– Biggest deal to date for UK manufacturer of computers and smartphones

Planet Computers today announces a partnership with HyperCycle for Decentralised AI which will see the formation of HyperAppliance – a manufacturer of Decentralised AI hardware. Its first product HyperAIBox is an innovative plug-and-play device with an integrated touchscreen, specifically designed to provide AI Compute on the internet of AI initially built by

HyperAppliance has received funding from a number of sophisticated investors led by Kor/Accel – a hardware accelerator startup – that has set up HyperAppliance for massive scale and placed an initial $30 million order with Planet Computers.

This cooperation opens up a $1 billion dollar business opportunity in AI Computing. HyperAppliance is part of the HyperCycle ecosystem and was built organically out of the intent of multiple players to satisfy the demand for hardware, software and network providers in the field of AI.

The $30m deal is the first of an expected series of agreements between HyperAppliance and Planet Computers that will see the company manufacture more than 50,000 HyperAiBoxes.

The HyperAiBox is the first state-of-the-art device designed for Decentralised AI computing, allowing simple and effective access for consumers to participate in the AI Computation Economy.

The HyperAiBox, developed for HyperAppliance, is a compact, energy-efficient computer crafted to seamlessly integrate AI computing into everyday life. This cooperation underscores Planet Computers’ capabilities to produce advanced AI computing devices. The rapid growth of HyperAppliance marks a significant milestone for its partners and reinforces its commitment to innovation.

Evan Rodenberg, CEO and co-founder of HyperAppliance, added: “This collaboration is more than a synergy between two innovative entities; it is a beacon for the future of AI. Together, we are breaking down the barriers to entry for Decentralised AI computation. We are forging a path for inclusive, groundbreaking AI solutions that empower every individual to be an active participant in this technological revolution. Our partnership is not just about creating products; it’s about democratising access to advanced AI and enabling a collective leap forward into a future where everyone can contribute to, and benefit from, the immense potential of AI”.

Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel, CEO of Planet Computers, comments: “This announcement marks a significant milestone for Planet, extending the company’s capabilities into computing hardware and AI. Holding a Ph.D. in Neural Networks myself, I am particularly pleased that Planet is a critical partner in the production of infrastructure components for the decentralised AI fabric that HyperCycle is building.”

Toufi Saliba, CEO and Founder of HyperCycle, added: “While HyperCycle remains focused on the network elements for the Internet of AI there are several key components that enable that distribution, notably this partnership with Planet Computers to help accelerate our vision with the HyperAiBox and the formation of HyperAppliance that is likely to be the fastest growing hardware company which has already shipped its products into 100s of customers around the globe since its inception this Summer”

Featured Photo by Mojahid Mottakin on Unsplash.

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