Londoners can now get restaurant quality meats delivered for Christmas home dining

Londoners can now order luxury, restaurant-quality Christmas meats, delivered straight to their door. Traditional London butchers Tom Hixson of Smithfield have created a high-end Christmas range which is designed to allow Christmas dinner hosts to create quality dishes, that will impress even the most refined palates.

Tom Hixson proudly opened its doors in 1963 in the traditional Smithfield Market. Still operating from the market, they now provide speciality cuts of meat from around the world to the best London chefs and customers around the UK. Their latest Christmas range is available to order online and includes free-range British turkeys, traditionally cured ham joints, pigs in blankets, sausage meat, and luxurious beef cuts among others. Their British Free Range Bronze Turkey Box brings together all the essential Christmas cuts of meat in a convenient package. The large box is priced at £165 for 8.4Kg of meant, the box provides chefs with everything they might need to produce a memorable festive feast, including,

  • British Free Range Bronze Turkey | 4kg +
  • Gammon Joint (Boneless) | 1.2kg
  • 25 Pigs in Blankets | 0.75kg
  • Scottish Smoked Salmon | 0.45g

To provide your show-stopper turkey, Tom Hixson partnered with premium third-generation British farmers to bring you the ultimate turkey for your Christmas feast. These Free Range Bronze Turkeys epitomise British farming traditions, delivering consistency, animal welfare, and exceptional taste. It was also the winners of a Great Taste award in 2016, 2017 and 2020, the British Free Range Bronze Turkey, delivering optimal taste and succulence for your meal’s centerpiece.

If you want to try something a little, different to the classic Christmas dinner items, they have plenty to choose from. The Black Label Argentine Chateaubriand is butchered from Hereford and Angus cattle, which are world-renowned for consistently delivering exceptional flavour. The beef is wonderfully tender and packed full of flavour, suitable for roasting or to be cooked as individual steaks, where the process of cooking will release more flavour into the beef as it tenderises. This Black Label Argentine Chateaubriand joint is the perfect choice for a family gathering or party, the ultimate centrepiece to impress all your guests.

Chateaubriand, the prized cut from the head of the fillet, is known globally for being one of the most succulent and tender cuts of beef. To fully enjoy its exquisite qualities, this cut is best served medium rare.

Pre-orders are now open for delivery between 18th and 20th December! Every package is conveniently delivered to their customer’s doors in reinforced chilled packaging. Order at


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