Love Thy Neighbour: I’m Marrying the Girl Next Door

When Max Whicher joined neighbourhood network Nextdoor, he hoped it he hoped to feel more connected with his neighbours, but never anticipated it would change his life. Yet, that is exactly what happened when Max met Louise during an online yoga class.

In 2020, as rumours of a global pandemic and a possible UK lockdown swirled, Max, took to Nextdoor to offer support to his neighbourhood. Concerned for vulnerable neighbours, Max posted offers to pick up groceries and assist with everyday tasks.

Amid the responses, one stood out —a message from Louise, a yoga instructor sharing her practice, Wellbylou, with locals on Nextdoor. Lousie was staying with her parents on the same street as Max in Putney, South London. Although Louise and her parents didn’t require assistance, she saw an opportunity to return Max’s kind offer. Louise replied to Max, offering him a space in one of her newly launched virtual classes. The virtual connection soon evolved, with Max and Louise exchanging messages on Nextdoor and later sharing mobile numbers.

What began as a virtual connection blossomed into local outdoor walks and the relationship flourished, leading the couple to travel to Portugal together in September 2020, just six months after first connecting online. This adventure paved the way for Louise to isolate with Max upon their return to the UK – and they never looked back.

Fast forward to now, the couple has decided to put down roots in South East London and are engaged, with Max popping the question in Jamaica in August of last year.

“When I joined Nextdoor, I never expected it would lead to me finding the love of my life. It’s more than just a platform to me, it’s where our love story began, and now we’re building a future together, I’ll cherish that forever.”

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