London Emerges as the Most Desired City to Launch a Business


If you’ve ever envisioned leaving your current job behind to embark on a new business venture, you’re not alone. However, the success of your business often hinges on its location. With a multitude of choices available, which cities rank highest among budding entrepreneurs?

AptPay, financial advisors based in London, have conducted an analysis of average monthly Google searches related to starting a business across various locations. This research identifies the most sought-after destinations for entrepreneurs within the UK.

Top Cities for Starting a Business

1. London

London leads the pack with an average of 2,610 monthly searches for terms such as ‘commercial property for sale’, ‘office space for sale’, ‘shop for sale’, and ‘office to rent’. As the capital of the UK, London stands out as a vibrant hub for business and networking opportunities. Its rich historical backdrop and dynamic cultural scene provide an ideal environment for entrepreneurs to thrive and expand their businesses. From access to a diverse pool of talent to a plethora of networking events, London offers unparalleled resources, making it the ultimate destination for anyone looking to achieve success in the fast-paced realm of business.

2. Glasgow

Glasgow ranks second with an average of 2,010 monthly searches, outpacing larger cities like Birmingham and Liverpool. Glasgow leads Scottish cities in the number of new start-ups each year, highlighting its excellent business potential. If you’ve chosen Glasgow as your business location, you’re in good company.

3. Birmingham

Birmingham comes in third, with an average of 1,710 people searching each month to open a business there. Located between London and Manchester, Birmingham is an ideal choice for commuters who seek the vibrancy of a major city while maintaining convenient access to other key business centres across the country. Birmingham offers a bustling urban environment with a diverse range of industries, from finance to technology, fostering a fertile ground for business growth. Its excellent transport links, including a major international airport and extensive rail connections, make it easier for professionals to connect and collaborate nationwide.

4. Manchester

Manchester is the UK’s fourth-most popular hotspot for new businesses, with an average of 1,560 searches per month. Often considered the unofficial ‘Second City of the UK’, Manchester’s high ranking highlights the North’s growing prominence in the entrepreneurial landscape. With a rich industrial heritage and a modern, vibrant economy, Manchester offers a dynamic environment for new businesses.

5. Edinburgh

Edinburgh rounds out the top five with an average of 1,280 searches per month for terms related to opening a business. Alongside Glasgow, Edinburgh shows that Scotland is a significant player in the UK’s entrepreneurial scene, offering a supportive environment for new ventures.

In response to the findings, a spokesperson at AptPay says: “Our research not only highlights the top hotspots for new businesses but also provides new business owners with a clear picture of how competitive each area is and the potential growth opportunities. Not to mention, it highlights to residents in these areas that things are picking up and they can expect new businesses to open, bringing fresh services, job opportunities, and a boost to the local economy. It’s an exciting time for both business owners and the communities they serve, as this growth signals a vibrant and thriving future for these cities.”

  • Mohammad Samad

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