Hairy Harvest: Philips OneBlade launches (probably) the world’s first body hair grown inspired veggie patch at London Fields, Hackney

In (probably) a world first – inspired by the little-known fact that body hair is nutrient-rich and acts as an amazing fertiliser – the cheeky provocateur of the male grooming sector, Philips OneBlade, is launching a ‘Hairy Harvest’ vegetable patch in London Fields Park, Hackney, London from Friday 24th to Saturday 25th May. 

As green-fingered gardening enthusiasts focus their attention on the annual, boujee flower show in Chelsea, Philips is going against the grain and challenging the status quo to highlight an alternative, surprising, and more cost-effective way to grow fruit and veg – especially as the price of food shopping continues to skyrocket! 

The free two-day pop-up will feature four hairy sections: a stubble patch, a pecs patch, a back garden, and even a pube patch showcasing rows of produce such as tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes, to depict how abundantly fruitful growing your own fruit and veg can be – using soil fertilised with hair from any part of the body – including those short and curlies in the ‘nether regions’ between your legs – as a smaller, alternative to another big flower show on the other side of town. 

People visiting the Hairy Harvest pop-up can get their facial hair trimmed, edged or shaved on the house by a professional barber and take away the hair they would usually toss away, so they can experiment with growing their own produce at home using their body hair as the ultimate DIY fertiliser. Other goodies such as gardening seeds, free products and discounts will also be given away, to give people a further helping hand to succeed at growing their own ‘Hairy Harvest’ at-home veggie patch. 

Fiona Atkins, Male Grooming Lead at Philps said:It’s no secret that the cost of food shopping keeps rising and more and more people are looking at how they can start growing their own produce at home. So, we wanted to highlight the little-known fact that body hair is the perfect nutrient-rich DIY fertiliser to help brits in their gardening endeavours. As our Philips OneBlade 360 allows you to trim, edge or shave any length of hair more effortlessly than ever, we wanted to empower the nation to stop letting their discarded hairs go down the drain and put them to good use by bringing our findings to life with our fun, free pop-up for anyone curious about starting their very own hairy harvest in their back garden. 

What: Philips OneBlade Hairy Harvest Patch 

When: 24th and 25th May 2024 

Where: London Fields, East side Hackney, London, E8 3EU 

Hours: ​​9am until 5pm 

Cost: Free 

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