Giggles and giving: research reveals having a giggle and good deeds are the things that make us feel happiest

  • New research by Babybel revealed that 54% of Brits feel better for sharing a giggle
  • 48% of the nation say sharing a giggle helps their well-being more than exercising (40%), reading a book (31%), or eating out (28%)
  • 55% of the those polled feel happier after giving to charity
  • Studies have shown that both giving to charity and sharing a giggle can be proved to reduce stress and promote well-being
  • King of the Jungle Sam Thompson took to the streets to share a giggle with the public
  • Babybel have been supporting Comic Relief for over 25 years, by spreading donations and giggles, helping the nation to feel and do good.

A new study has revealed the feel-good effects of sharing a chuckle with friends and family are similar to the positive feelings created after showing acts of kindness, such as donating to charity. The campaign is led by Babybel for its 25-year partnership with Comic Relief.

The poll of 2,000 members of the British Public, revealed that 54% of the public said they felt noticeably happier after having had a good giggle.

More than half of those polled feel happier after performing a charitable act (55%). Enjoying a giggle (48%) with loved ones makes them feel more positive and helps to promote a sense of well-being, more than activities such as exercising (40%) reading a book (31%) or eating out (28%).

The study was commissioned by Babybel who have been raising giggles and donations for Comic Relief for 25-years. By putting the fun into fundraising, the brand has raised over £1.75million for Comic Relief through various campaigns and on pack promotions, including this year’s Share a Giggle initiative.

46% of people believe that doing good and feeling good are linked.

Of those surveyed, 53% also said they felt as though having a laugh with friends helped them to feel less stressed, and 49% believe that sharing a laugh with someone helps strengthen the relationship.

When asked where most in need of a giggle, the public listed in the office (22%), in a work meeting (15%), or on their commute (12%) as the top three places needing a pick me up.

Lover of a giggle, and King of the Jungle Sam Thompson, took to Waterloo station, London, to help spread some joy amongst downcast commuters, encouraging them to share a giggle in preparation for this year’s Red Nose Day, which returns on Friday 15 March.

No stranger to sharing and caring, Sam was awarded a Guiness World Record in January 2024 for most hugs by an individual in 60 seconds, with a whopping 88 hugs!

Talking of the partnership and the power of sharing a giggle, Sam said; ‘Laughter was one of the things that was key to getting me through life in the jungle! I’ve always enjoyed a good giggle with mates and it’s so cool to see the benefits this can have, as well as through acts of kindness such as donating to a great cause like Comic Relief. The British Public have been amazing fun and I’m so pleased Babybel asked me to share a giggle with them and spread the goodness!’

The public were also asked which celebrity they thought had the most entertaining and infectious giggle.

Top 10 Celebrity Gigglers

  1. Alison Hammond
  2. Bradley Walsh
  3. Jimmy Carr
  4. Ricky Gervais
  5. Graham Norton
  6. Adele
  7. Alesha Dixon
  8. Sam Thompson
  9. Scarlett Moffat
  10. Mollie King

A spokesperson for Babybel commented on the findings saying; ‘It’s fascinating to see these results and how sharing a giggle can have such a powerful effect on how we feel. What’s so great to see, is that acts of kindness can have a ripple-effect, just like an infectious giggle, encouraging people to join in! This is why we’ve put giggles on our Comic Relief packs of Babybel, to encourage the nation to share a giggle and raise donations for the charity, with each pack purchased  5p will be donated directly to Comic Relief.’

Samir Patel, CEO of Comic Relief, said: “This Red Nose Day, we’re encouraging people across the country to Do Something Funny for Money, and it’s clear to see from Babybel’s research that having a giggle can be more beneficial than we may realise. Having a laugh, combined with acts of kindness, can make a real difference. Money raised by Red Nose Day could help tackle poverty, mental health problems, homelessness and food poverty, while supporting families affected by conflict and climate change.  Huge thank you to Babybel and everyone who supports us this year, it’s never felt more important to come together to support people in the UK and around the world who are struggling.”

The campaign is also helping to spread the goodness by encouraging consumers to visit the ‘Giggle Gallery’ on Babybel’s website where they can find a host of light-hearted giggle-inducing content. Customers who purchase the limited-edition packs can simply scan a QR code to be directly taken to the Giggle Gallery to join in the fun this Red Nose Day, Friday 15 March!

Sam Thompson has teamed up with Babybel to celebrate it’s 25-year partnership with Comic Relief by sharing giggles and donations for this years Red Nose Day.

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