Fathers Day Gift Guide – Best Gifts For The Health Conscious Dad

Treat your dad to the perfect Father’s Day gift this year with Ordo’s Sonic+ Toothbrush (£49.99).  Not only is it highly recommended by dentists for its effective oral care routine, but the stunning charcoal design adds a unique touch of sophistication. It can even help sparkle that charming smile from Dad at an unbeatable, affordable price tag – something special he won’t forget.

If your dad struggles with sleep, or is over worked, stressed and doesn’t get enough of it, Ten PM (£35) is just what he needs.

This delicious Night Drink can be enjoyed over ice during the summer months, or as a warming drink before bed (proven to help cool the body down) and contains 7 powerful sleep inducing ingredients for a longer and deeper nights sleep.

The Pitch Black Polarised Sunglasses from Nomad (£46.95) are made with 100% recycled ocean plastic, so not only are you buying a gift for Dad, you’re also helping clean up the ocean. A carbon neutral company, they plant two trees with every purchase.

Energy Boost Patches, £12.99. Get ready to power up Dad’s day with these all natural, chemical-free energy boost patches, perfect for instant rejuvenation. If energy reserves are feeling low, these potent vitamin-packed patches will give you the day-long energy surge you need to stay focussed and raring to go.

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