Expert reveals we’ve been decorating in the wrong order

Knowing where to start when designing a space to feel equal parts homely and stylish can be difficult. Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest fatigue in the interior space is real!

Working through the process of how a room comes together may not be as simple as you think, so we sat down with our interior experts from Alternative Flooring to understand where people go wrong when designing a space.

Order is everything: When it comes to designing a space, it’s crucial to be methodical. Beginning with a clear understanding of your end goal and working backwards is key. By creating a plan with a realistic list of jobs, you can then prioritise what is important and what can wait, helping avoid interior burnout.

Not anchoring your room with the floor: Beginning with furniture or paint purchases is one of the most common mistakes when it comes to the design process. Instead, selecting your flooring choice early on allows you to build a cohesive look from the ground up. As one of the biggest investment pieces, it’s an important decision that shouldn’t be overlooked or considered last.

Collecting before putting a plan together: Although it’s tempting to start collecting decorative items, this can often be counterintuitive when it comes to productivity. By creating the foundations of space first, you can then decide what will be a good addition. Pre-purchasing items can add unnecessary layers to the initial decision-making process.

Rugs are not an afterthought: Commonly, people believe a rug is a finishing touch to a room but we’d have to disagree. Again a large investment, that should be considered early on – not only should it complement your upholstery and colour scheme, but it should also enhance the overall decor without overcrowding the space.

Paint shouldn’t be first: Contrary to belief, paint choices should be further down the list of design decisions. Instead, the colour of the walls should be used to complement the overall look of the room, rather than becoming the dominating feature.

Rome wasn’t built in a day: Although it’s tempting to rush the process so you can finally put your feet up and enjoy it, making rash decisions to get it finalised often leads to disappointment. Making your big purchases a priority early on then leaves room for a budget and space review nearer completion. By allowing yourself extra time, you have the chance to discover unique and standout pieces that will add the perfect finishing touches to your space.

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