BUSINESS PLAN 2027 and VISION 2031 – Alperia’s New Strategic Plan

Alperia’s Management and Supervisory Boards have approved the Business Plan 2023-27 and Vision 2031, the Alperia Strategic Plan that embodies the visions of management, the boards and shareholders and that will usher the Group to 2027 and 2031, combining sustainability objectives with significant growth in all business units. Alperia’s Vision is based on two objectives: sustainability and integrated positioning throughout the energy value chain.

Alperia aims to turn its territories into virtuous examples of the energy transition through three main lines of action: sustainability, consolidation, and innovation. In the area of Sustainability, the priority will be a reduction of 46% in CO2e emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3) by 2027 (compared to 2021), create value for the territory and build integrated governance.

Through its Consolidation initiatives, Alperia intends to strengthen its business in South Tyrol and in all territories currently served, including consolidating its financial exposure. This also includes the consolidation of the product and service portfolio.

In terms of Innovation, Alperia intends to transform its business in line with the energy transition. It will be crucial to transform the value proposition on the sale of commodities and services with a view to sustainability and customer centricity. In general, Alperia intends to continue with widespread innovation in core businesses and the development of new businesses for decarbonisation.

In detail, the individual BUs have the following growth priorities and initiatives:


This is the Group’s leading business unit in terms of margins and invested capital and is the strong point of the current business portfolio. Alperia is one of Italy’s biggest hydroelectric energy producers with power plants for over 1400 MW of power. The Plan provides total investments of 320 million euros by 2027 including hydrogen production and distribution, as well as the construction of new photovoltaic plants.


Alperia’s electricity distribution grid is over 9,000 km (high, medium and low voltage) with a total of over 2.5 TWh distributed. Edyna, the Group’s distribution company, is one of the largest distributors in Italy and one of the first operators to have introduced the new generation meter in Italy. For this BU specifically, the Business Plan provides reducing CO2 emissions by lowering grid losses, increasing hosting capacity and standardising the medium-voltage grid, as well as focusing on water-related products and services.

Sales and Trading

Alperia is enabling new business models in order to communicate with customers through digital channels and is revisiting the role of physical channels. Specifically, the Business Plan provides for introduction of new, 100% green “off-the-shelf” power and gas services.

Heat and Services

Alperia operates seven district heating plants in South Tyrol. The development of a network of more than 125 km guarantees the supply of a quarter of the thermal energy produced in South Tyrol. Alperia Ecoplus is the fifth largest national operator with approximately 217 GWht generated and distributed. The strategic priorities for the BU will focus on building six new plants, including three biomass plants and a cooling plant in Bolzano.

Smart Region

Smart Region is Group’s BU that promotes the energy transition through high-tech solutions and applications for businesses, towns and citizens, consolidating its positioning with industries, SMEs, condominiums, the public administration, healthcare and smart services for people and cities. Interesting initiatives are being developed to provide an offer at the cutting edge of market trends. The incentives to household energy efficiency (e.g., 110% superbonus) have already yielded important market returns with a significant growth in the portfolio of opportunities. Neogy, a major national operator in electric mobility through public charging points, and Care4u, which operates in Smart Health solutions, also have an important role to play. In particular, the BU will focus on building efficiency improvements (including thermal insulation), innovative energy efficiency solutions based on algorithms, data analysis and artificial intelligence, becoming a key player in the Italian market for photovoltaic management, ranging from residential to industrial and continuing the development of sustainable mobility (electric and hydrogen) both for local infrastructure and for the creation of innovative commercial solutions.

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