British Cannabis Billionaire Maximillian White Partners with Global Celebs to launch new cannabis venture

British Cannabis billionaire Maximillian White will challenge budding cannabis entrepreneurs to compete with him in his own industry through his new platform Dr. Green NFT.

Credit: Jordan Bareham

Has billionaire Maximillian White legalized weed? 

In an unprecedented initiative set to redefine the cannabis industry, Dr. Green NFT, guided by the visionary leadership of British Jamaican entrepreneur Maximillian White, has embarked on a bold mission to create 5000 millionaires.

This initiative is not just a venture into financial prosperity; it represents a pioneering step into a new era of cannabis entrepreneurship under the mentorship of one of the industry’s most influential figures.

Maximillian White is often referred to as the “Elon Musk of cannabis” and was featured in The Times Pot Power List and has become one of the first cannabis producing billionaires. With an expansive 40-hectare farm in Portugal, his facilities are unmatched in the realm of medicinal cannabis. Maximillian is in the unique position of having secured multiple government partnerships in territories previously untapped.

His journey from the music industry to cannabis entrepreneurship showcases his visionary approach, making him an ideal partner for anyone looking to secure their financial future trading cannabis online. With the recreational cannabis industry projected to grow exponentially; collaborating with Maximillian White offers the public a unique opportunity to be at the forefront of this lucrative market.

Owners of these NFTs are welcomed into an exclusive circle of future-forward entrepreneurs. This community, personally mentored by Maximillian White, offers an unparalleled opportunity for networking, learning, and growth.

Can blockchain be the ticket to the legalization to marijuana?

At the heart of this initiative lies the transformative power of the NFTs. These tokens are not mere digital collectibles; they are keys to a global cannabis marketplace, enabled by Dr. Green NFT’s cutting-edge platform.

NFT holders are equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate and capitalize on the complexities and potential of the cannabis market.

This opportunity extends beyond the realm of traditional investment; it’s an invitation to be part of a legacy in the making. Maximilian White aims to cultivate a community that is not only financially successful but also influential in shaping the future of the cannabis industry.

Global marijuana distribution, the future of cannabis trade

The Dr. Green NFT platform allows you to utilise their NFT to fast-track entry into a global cannabis enterprise. Entering this market traditionally takes years and tens of millions of dollars, however their smart contract allows you to instantly plug you into an established billion-dollar company without the need for a decade’s worth of licensing acumen.

Award winning marijuana strains available on the blockchain 

Dr. Green NFT boasts the highest quality cannabis available in the market. Their master grower has clinched 46 global trophies, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. Thanks to the scale of Dr. Green NFT’s operations, the cost per kilogram of cannabis is the cheapest offered worldwide. Dr. Green NFT will enable the delivery of the cheapest and best marijuana to your doorstep.

Max recognizes the immense demand for the Dr. Green NFT, yet he is committed to ensuring that it falls into the hands of the most deserving individuals. To achieve this, Max has implemented a rigorous vetting process for potential NFT purchasers. This ensures that each NFT finds its way into the right hands, aligning with the Dr. Green NFT vision and values.

Cannabis that comes with a Genetic QR code

“We have discovered through our genome sequencing laboratory, that each plant, like DNA holds a specific genetic code and when closely observed, can be identified to within 99.4% accuracy. This is strong enough a factor to be admissible in a court of law and as such, we will use the genome of the seeds we produce to track and trace our cannabis plants. 

Initially, obtaining a Genetic QR that will be attached to the seed through its entire life cycle. Through its life in our factory to the delivery to the end user, you will be able to scan the QR and access the data flow for that plant. 

Everything from where it’s been, when, chemicals used to grow it, temperatures stored at, light cycles, humidity and most importantly, which genome sequence you should have it in your packaging.  All of which, will be decentralized on the blockchain. Removing the possibility of tampered information.” 

Is illegal weed dealing a thing of the past? 

Maximillian White understands the recreational cannabis market is here to stay, and he is dedicated to facilitating legal and compliant trading for all enthusiasts. He is committed to streamlining the process, ensuring that individuals interested in cannabis trading can do so seamlessly, within the bounds of the law, without unnecessary obstacles.

Web3 cannabis, the future of legalization 

This exclusive opportunity is limited to just 5000 NFTs, set for launch this Summer 2024. Each NFT offers unparalleled access to the lucrative world of legal cannabis trade through a state-of-the-art digital platform. Seed to sale track and trace system will revolutionize cannabis trade.

Due Diligence

Dr. Green NFT is using LHI Consulting for company regulatory compliance and due diligence on NFT holders and clients. A company born out of over 25 years’ experience in regulated financial services, LHI Consulting provides clients of different sectors, locations and needs with expert regulatory and business consultancy advice.

LHI Consulting’s dedicated team specialise in regulatory and non-regulatory Risk Management, Governance, Marketing Assessments, all aspects of Financial Crime and other Compliance Services to help firms navigate the complexities of both regulated and non-regulated financial services markets in the UK and globally.

LHI Consulting’s expert team of compliance and business management consultants provide an all-encompassing solution to regulatory and non-regulatory requirements. They have supported firms in UK, EU, Africa, and Asia. Firms they partner with will need to be compliant, with various other legislative areas e.g. HMRC, GDPR, ASA, AML, Fraud etc.

Why are all these celebrities joining with billion-dollar marijuana company? 

UK Rapper Fredo is just 1 of several UK and USA celebrities partnering with Maximillian White in his Dr. Green NFT venture. Other celeb partnerships signed include US actor & comedian Marlon Wayans, English singer Matt Goss (lead singer of 1980’s pop group Bros), rapper Tony Yayo (G-Unit), female British boxer and former celebrity SAS star Shannon Jane Courtenay, UK rappers Potter Payper, Mist, M Dot R, Lady Leshurr, Swarmz, and Irish UFC MMA fighter Kiefer Crosbie. We will soon announce further UK and USA celebrity partners.

Another Dr. Green NFT partner is Chloe Villano.  Chloe Villano is a former paralegal and entrepreneurial executive with 17 years of experience in business start-ups and turning companies toward success with consulting services. Chloe is the founder of Clover Leaf University, the Cannabis Business Association, and the Cannabis Business Awards.

Ever wanted to have your own weed business? 

For those interested in being part of this ground-breaking venture and to gain early access, individuals are encouraged to sign up to the waiting list and download the insightful white paper at

This is the chance to be among the select few in this innovative foray into the cannabis market, a chance to transform your vision into reality and to make your mark in an industry on the cusp of a new era.

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