Bethnal Green startup Jelly Drops to deliver over 14,000 free drops to Londoners living with dementia and their carers this December

  Jelly Drop and Alzheimer’s Society Local Services Manager, Taiyaba Zeria,

Jelly Drops are delivering hundreds of packs of their award-winning ‘smart sweet’ through local level partnerships bringing together both carers and people living with dementia this December across Tower Hamlets, Hillingdon and Southwark.

Taiyaba Zeria, Alzheimer’s Society Local Services Manager for Tower Hamlets and Hillingdon said:

“Dehydration is a common challenge for people living with dementia and memory problems mean they can easily forget to drink enough water. Jelly Drops can be taken throughout the day to keep the person hydrated and boost their daily water intake. We’re pleased to see the partnership between Alzheimer’s Society and Jelly Drops extend to our local services, where people living with dementia can sample the product at our Dementia Cafes and Christmas parties. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response from people wanting to try Jelly Drops.”

Jelly Drops are a 95% water sweet (sugar free and vegan) originally developed to help people living with dementia to boost their hydration, and have just introduced essential B-complex vitamins to their award-winning ‘smart sweet’ meaning they now support the immune system and cognitive functioning via the same tasty format.

Not drinking enough water is a common problem among the elderly and dehydration is a particular challenge for someone living with dementia or other cognitive challenges, who can forget to drink enough water, may not equate drinking with quenching thirst, or refuse help to drink, often worsening their existing condition to a point where they need to be hospitalised. Jelly Drops are a game changer in shifting the conversation for caregivers from ‘‘will you drink more water” to the individual supporting their own hydration with a tasty sweet, promoting positive social interactions between carers, families and residents

Lewis Hornby, Jelly Drops Founder and CEO said,

“We wanted to extend our partnership with Alzheimer’s Society out to a local level this year, as well as other local support groups such as Carers Centre Tower Hamlets, to support the fantastic work that they do across London supporting people living with dementia and their carers”

You can find more about Jelly Drops here:

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