Art collector uses Suros Capital to help fund important exhibition ahead of asset sale

A wealthy collector of decorative arts has availed of the services of Suros Capital to raise £200,000 to help fund an exhibition of his assets in France.

The client who has an extensive collection of important works from a world-renowned goldsmith has supported the deal with assets by prominent figures in art and fashion including, which have already been consigned to sale with a major international auction house outside of the EU.

Introduced to Suros Capital by their financial advisor, the client was able to secure the complex deal, a multi-jurisdictional transaction, also requiring the auction house’s approval, in a timely manner. This allowed the client to move forward with the exhibition planning and booking within a tight timeframe.

Working with the client to create this bespoke deal, Suros Capital’s Business Development Director, Edward Blackmore said: “This has been a complex but exciting opportunity to help support our client. We are delighted to be able to help support what is going to be an exciting exhibition of works which will ultimately help our client and auction house in their quest to achieve the best prices when the sale of assets goes ahead.”

Mr Blackmore continued: “This transaction is the perfect example of how Suros Capital’s specialist lending products such as this Sale Advance Loan, have the potential to pay dividends.”

Featured Photo by Dannie Jing on Unsplash.

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