6 Tips to Follow to Keep Your Kids Safe and Comfortable In The Car During Winter Travel

Travelling can be stressful any time of the year, especially when battling Christmas traffic and the possibility of severe weather during the winter months. 


To help parents choose the best clothes for travelling with their kids, we contacted Carrie Shaltz Haslup, founder and CEO of Tabeeze, who shares the best tips for travelling safely and comfortably.


Choose Adaptive and Easy-On, Easy-Off Clothing

When travelling with children, especially babies, adaptive clothing is a must! You want clothing that is easy to get on and off if you have to change them on the go and something comfortable for longer journeys without causing skin irritation or discomfort. Those Christmas dresses might look adorable, but save them for your arrival if it’s a longer drive.  


Avoid Bulky and Loose Clothing in Car Seats 

Did you know that bulky clothing isn’t just annoying to wear in the car, it’s actually unsafe? This type of clothing creates space between the restraint and the body that will compress in a crash, making your child’s body move farther before the restraint kicks in. 


Harness your child in a good long-sleeved shirt and pants outfit and tuck a blanket over them once they are buckled. Just be sure you check the blanket so it doesn’t end up over the face in younger children.  


Master the Art of Layering in Cold Weather 

Layering is essential during cold weather, especially if you plan to do outdoor activities during or after your drive. To properly layer, you need to focus on 3 elements. 

Base Layer: a comfortable clothing item that’s lighter weight and can be worn for a long time. 

Mid Layer: an insulating layer like fleece or wool to keep your child warm. 

Outer Layer: a water-resistant, windproof jacket or coat that protects your child against the outside elements.


Use Accessories Wisely 

Accessories like hats and mittens are a great way to keep your child warm and can even be worn in the car seat until it warms up. However, because our little ones warm up faster than us, make sure you can remove them once the car is warm.  


Adjust Clothing for Activity 

How you prepare for your trip depends on your plans for the day. If you plan on participating in outdoor activities, make sure you follow the rules of layering so your child doesn’t burn up in the car on the way. Also, make sure you include proper footwear. It may be okay to wear tennis shoes for the drive, but keep winter boots close by in case you stop for some winter fun. 


Keep Spare Clothing Handy 

Accidents happen, especially in younger children. Keep an extra outfit on hand in case of spills, blowouts, or even if they don’t like what they have on because no one wants to hear complaints on their long journey! 


Follow these tips during your holiday travel and you’ll be sure to maintain safety and comfort for your kids.

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