1/10 have slept with someone at the Office Christmas Party


Culture-led flexible workspace operator, Runway East has carried out a survey with 600 office workers from across the UK about their attitudes to work and Christmas shenanigans at Christmas, it found that 84% don’t like participating in Secret Santa, 81% of employees don’t enjoy a Team Christmas lunch and 79% don’t like the Office Christmas party.

However, at the Office Christmas Party, 1 in 4 admit being drunk at their desk, 19% confess to having had an office snog and 11% share that they’ve slept with a coworker at (or the same night as) the Christmas Party. 25% admitted they have called in sick to avoid the Christmas Party. Yet surprisingly only 4% say they have photocopied a private part – though Runway East CEO Natasha Guerra comments “this may be due to offices having fewer photocopiers due to environmental concerns, rather than a sudden maturity jump amongst adults”

“We cannot believe what office workers get up to at their Office Christmas Party!” shares Natasha Guerra, CEO of Runway East, “We asked cheeky questions to get the real Christmas spirit, and suffice to say we’ll be watching very closely this year across our sites, letting Santa know who’s on the naughty list. Joking aside, there is an over-concentration on Christmas when there are 11 months of the year when team bonding, events and fun can be had – that’s what we’re geared to do. After all, let’s be honest, the thing many of us most enjoy about Christmas is the downtime.”

Indeed, when asked about working between Christmas and New Year, 32% say they get away with doing very little, 25% say they hate working during this period, 22% say it’s a chance to catch up and 18% say it is business as usual.

Runway East is a B-Corp certified flexible workspace provider, which has been operational since 2014. Led by Natasha Guerra, it was initially a hub for tech entrepreneurs, creating space and facilitating growth and team support. It has now grown to 10 spaces, across London, Brighton and Bristol. Businesses using their space include Deliveroo, Matches Fashion, and Grind, among other household names.

Featured Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

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